Last Regular Season Delivery- Week 18

Well, this is it! To you, we extend our heartfelt thanks. For being a CSA member first of all, and most notably, for choosing Buttermilk as yours this year. We hope our boxes have nourished you and your loved ones, and that you feel good about the investment you made in the earth, yourself and our non-profit. Please follow us on Instagram @phillyfarmwisc and on Facebook under Buttermilk Falls CSA & Folk School Retreat and Philadelphia Community Farm.

If you took one vacation week, you'll receive a box next WEDNESDAY. If you took two weeks off, you'll get boxes for the next TWO WEDNESDAYS.

In the box this week: Salad mix of arugula, baby lettuce, tat soi and spinach, cilantro, banana pepper (Sweet), turnips, beets, daikon radishes, bok choi. Half Shares will see delicata and acorn squash and full shares contain butternut, fancy pumpkins (Fancy doesn't mean beautiful!) and a sweet green bell pepper.

See notes in your box for more information on renewing early to have a share box donated in your name and ways to stay connected and be supportive of the non-profit we run serving children, the elderly and people of all abilities.

THANK YOU, ALL. Christina, Carter, Mariah, Michael, Monty, Maegen & Emily

Week 17~

What a week! We have had a bit of frost out here even though the temperatures didn't get down to freezing. Between that and our kind feeding of the deer, we're bringing you a few things that needed rescue. Most notably, tiny lettuce heads.

Other produce in your boxes today: Cilantro- a great & fragrant harvest Chinese cabbage Chard Carrots Beets Turnips Daikon radish Butternut squash Sweet pepper (green bell and/or banana)

Full shares also contain dill and acorn squash.

At the farmhouse, we made pickled beet and radish matchsticks that will be welcome accompaniments to tacos and other main dishes, some carrot/cilantro fritters, and sesame-chard scrambled eggs with a ginger-garlic soy sauce. We hope your kitchen adventures yield nourishment and joy!

Thursday shares

Please look to the Tuesday blog for updates. Your boxes tomorrow contain: baby lettuce and greens mix that includes tatsoi, mustards and baby kale. Use either in a salad, or cooked. Lettuce greens are still a bit gritty from the morning rains. Cilantro, dill, carrots, beets, daikon radish, summer squash, sweet peppers and pumpkins. Full share members also received string beans and delicata winter squash.

Thursday shares: week 15

As a reminder, there are 18 weeks in the regular season. If you put your share on a vacation hold for either one or two weeks, you'll receive deliveries after the regular season ends.

Please note our upcoming Michaelmas celebration on Sunday from 4-7 at the farm. Details in the previous post.

Farmers have begun to move to other necessary tasks such as fencing as the weed growth has slowed considerably. Washing squash can be a chilly task! But we take coffee breaks and breathe a bit more freely than we could in the throes of August.

Today, look for a salad mix of lettuce leaf, tatsoi, frilled mustard, red mustard and arugula, Italian parsley, string beans, radishes, carrots, turnips, tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash and butternut squash. Full shares also contain cilantro.

Tuesday, September 27 Week 15

Mothers- Here's a respite opportunity being created just for you at the farm in December by Northfield Parenting Coach Mary Upham. Please join us if it sounds replenishing to you.

NEXT WEEKEND on Sunday from 4-7 is our Michaelmas Festival. Join us for stories, crafting, apple pressing, animal visiting, waterfall walks and a big pot of community vegetable soup cooked over an open fire in the giant cast iron cauldron. Please bring a savory or sweet apple dish to share and your own wares for eating.

Maple Share members- look for your next installment tomorrow!
In all boxes:

Salad mix of lettuce, tatsoi, frilled mustard, red mustard and arugula
String beans
Butternut squash

Full shares also contain summer squash

Week 14 Tuesday Notes

Sorry for the late list, but I bet you could identify everything in your box this week! All boxes contain: A salad mix of leaf lettuce, tatsoi, bokchoi, arugula and frilly mustard, cilantro, radishes, string beans, cucumbers, carrots, summer squash, tomatoes and acorn squash. Full shares also contain: Delicata winter squash and beets

Our Michaelmas/Fall Festival will be at the farm on Sunday, Oct. 2 from 4-7 p.m. All are welcome as we tell stories of courage, share an iron cauldron of vegetable soup cooked on the open fire, some games, gardening, crafting and possibly music (if you will play... let me know). Please bring an apple dish (sweet or savory) to share.

Week 13 Thursday

Yes, your flower share #3 comes today as well. This was a special membership option and we'd love to hear your thoughts on it after the final delivery next month.

I can't believe how much we've accomplished with the Great River students here. Everything from building wood cribs to harvesting tomatoes and cleaning out the root cellar. They've been uber industrious: harvesting pumpkins, building picnic tables, signage and wood utensil boxes for their school, knitting, photographing and fishing, sharing talents, cooking food... all in good spirit.

In your box today, with their help:

Greens mix of baby kale, tatsoi and arugula for salads, soups and braising
String beans
Paste tomatoes
Round tomatoes
and, acorn squash (yum)
Full shares also contain delicata winter squash

Week 13 Tuesday

FLOWER SHARE #3 WILL BE DELIVERED TOMORROW! We hope you enjoy the deep autumn colors as much as we have. Farmer Carter lovingly plants, procures and arranges each bouquet himself.

This may well be the busiest week of the year at the farm. Yesterday, we were a stop on the Rad Bike Tour. About 75 riders came and delighted in a locally sourced meal prepared by Kat, the awesome new chef at Farm Table (Restaurant) in Amery. We had lemon balm kombucha and a zesty Wiscoslaw from Buttermilk ingredients, beef stew, fresh rye bread, beet spread with veggies and fruit. The tour culminated in a sweet (literally, with pie from neighbors Foxtail Farm) brewery visit to Oliphant Brewing Company in Somerset.
Today, 100 ninth and tenth graders from Great River School in St. Paul arrived. This Montessori charter school has chosen PCF as their new farm destination, a partnership we've been cultivating and planning for for years now. THe students helped prepare your boxes for this week, began work on building a wood shed, cleared trails, lined paths, hiked the land taking pictures and learning the plants' names. They'll be here until Thursday doing more creative expression, stewardship and microeconomy work. Thanks to BF founding co-worker, Lindsey Ruder, for coming back to support this big event! We are grateful. And tired.

We ate the first winter squash of the season at dinner tonight. Thanks to intern, Maegen L. for the prep. In your boxes, look for:

String beans
paste tomatoes
round tomatoes
acorn squash - this can be cured for a sweeter taste by keeping it cool and dark or, cook now. They're ripe, but uncured.

Full shares also contain: Summer squash, delicata winter squash and a watermelon or canteloupe.

Our capital campaign, What the World Needs Now launches this week. We can't wait to share more about it with you in pictures, stories and our dreams for our farm.

Thursday shares for Week 12

In all boxes: Lemon balm, kale and collard greens, string beans, cucumbers, large round tomatoes, paste tomatoes, delicata winter squash.
Full Shares also contain: okra, summer squash and an acorn squash

We're in the process of taking stock of how things are going in the garden and what you can expect. We will be sending out a big communication on this topic soon. In the meantime, we're preparing for 100 9th and 10th graders from Great River School who arrive for four days on Monday! Hooray!

Week 12: Tuesday, Sept. 6

Greetings from the farm. With our ancient cultivator up and running, the garden is looking far more attractive than it has! A nip in the air has offered that little boost of energy we needed to get going on a couple big projects as well. White Barn is cleaned out and raked and work has begun on our beautiful red century barn as well.

Please mark your calendars for the Fall Michaelmas Festival where we will press apples, cook a big stone soup in the iron cauldron, and share in an inspiring story of the season. It's from 4-7 on Sunday, October 2 and all are welcome. Please bring an apple dish to share and/ or apples to press. We'll make the soup and have plenty of bread to go along with it. If anyone is inspired to share some musical talent, email Christina (

All shares contain:
Basil, kale OR collard greens, chard, summer squash, cucumbers, sun gold tomatoes, paste tomatoes, large round tomatoes. And in the full shares, you'll have a melon and eggplant.

Thursday 9/1

If you have a maple share, #2 comes your way tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that.
Half shares will contain: Basil, chard, kale, collards, red cherry tomatoe bunches, sungolds, paste tomatoes (Roma, San Marazano, Myona), Round tomatoes, cucumbers.
Full shares also include: Eggplant, pepper, okra, and a cantaloupe or watermelon.

We have lots of extra tomatoes to share. I will do my best to get some to you tomorrow if you can let me know before about 8 tonight.

Many thanks!

Week Ten

The Tuesday shares are packed and ready to go in the morning. This week, my brother and his family are visiting from Vermont, so Michael and I have switched delivery days. He'll do tomorrow's route and I'm on for Thursday. 

Tonight we've got Voyageur Outward Bound and 43 students from Phoenix Military Academy here. They've got a lovely night to camp and a crew will help out on the farm tomorrow afternoon. The start to an incredibly packed season of education and retreats at the farm. We have been preparing and we're ready!

The red barn, our century old barn that shares a yard with the farmhouse, has begun to get its much needed treatment. Thanks to the generosity of so many last fall, we have funding to repair the roof so it won't leak, replace beams, add a collar brace and make the loft floor safe. Our 2016 Capital Campaign will officially mail out this week or next. Read more about it when we post the brochure! I think this is something you'll want to be a part of. 

In the box: Kale, chard, basil, summer squash, sungolds, and large tomatoes

Half shares only include string beans

Full shares only also contain peppers, cucumber and either watermelon or cantaloupe

Upcoming Retreats

“Feed Your Soul, Mama” Retreat

Friday, Sept 9, 5pm - Sunday, Sept 11, 12pm

What are you hungry for?

Mamas, you provide so much for others, and you also have needs of your own.
When you ask yourself: What does my soul truly crave
and take the time to listen, what is the answer?
If you feel there must be more to life than laundry, snacks, and hurried hugs, you are not alone. 

We each desire to meet our higher needs - the things that nourish our hearts - once our basic needs are met. Some of these are:

Community Beauty Joy Understanding Belonging Contribution Self-esteem True identity Self-fulfillment Creativity Friendship Knowledge Authenticity Love Growth

Join us for a weekend of heart-shifting, nourishment and connection at Buttermilk Falls Folk School at Philadelphia Community Farm.

We'll incorporate many things to bring clarity and meet those deeper needs, including:

  • rich discussions

  • creative experiences – writing, collage, and more

  • nourishing time in nature

  • ritual, visualization, and grounding

  • new ways of seeing and awareness

    The weekend is led by Parent and Life Coach Mary Upham. Mary is the mama to three daughters, ages 12, 15, and 22. In the early years of full-time parenting and home schooling, Mary experienced a lack of fulfillment. Thus began a quest to answer, “What am I hungry for?". Her journey led her to a new understanding of contentedness and calm – as well as huge joy in parenting. She shares her re-awakening to assist women in finding the richness that an authentic life beyond to-do lists provides.

    Dates: September 9-11, 2016
    Fee: $350, includes meals and lodging at Buttermilk Folk School and Retreat Center. Find more information at
    Register by September 1 by emailing

Thursday: Week 9

All shares will get some kind of summer squash today: Either yellow crooknecks, patty pan (flying saucers!) or yellow zucchini. Full shares contain green peppers and cucumbers and not eggplant and okra. 

Thought you should all also know that late blight has been reported in Polk County. Here's a bit more information for those who are interested.  Last year, we were fortunate enough to escape the blight and had a lot of great tomatoes. Fingers crossed for a repeat show of luck. Of course we will ONLY treat with organic and/or biodynamic methods and never employ conventional/chemical methods. 

August 18, 2016

For immediate release

Confirmed Late Blight in Tomatoes

Hello St. Croix county growers and producers on Monday 15 Aug. 2016 we had our first confirmed case of late blight in Polk County. It was determined that the strain/genotype was US 23. This strain is aggressive in tomato and potato crops. It has been the predominant strain in the U.S. in recent years. A second case was confirmed in Dane County 18 Aug. 2016. 

As you all know late blight can spread quickly. The spores may be in your area. Plants should be inspected at least weekly. Crops can be controlled with mefenoxam/metalaxyl for conventional producers. For organic producers copper based is the best choice.  Any plants that exhibit signs of late blight should have a sample taken and submitted promptly to the diagnostic lab If late blight is confirmed the plants should be destroyed immediately. 


Frequently asked questions and organic control of late blight info:

If you have questions or concerns call our office at (715) 531-1947. Email:



Week 9

We're enjoying a burgeoning of local restaurants featuring local foods. One such gem is Farm Table in Amery, WI. Chef Katrina will be with us to coordinate the taste-size offerings on this year's Rad Bike Tour. RadTour's vision is to produce intimate, community-oriented bicycle events across the country and contribute momentum to the bicycle and local food movements. These bicycle tours feature local farms, foods and the chefs that utilize these ingredients. Riders savor tastings prepared fresh by local chefs and enjoy handcrafted beverages while roaming farms and environmental designations in the company of friends. Ride on.

The heat and rain are giving us plenty to content with out here. We are so fortunate to be on the St. Croix River with our own natural spring and 40 foot waterfall! Here's a picture of one of our Sunday volunteers with her daughter, Ruby, newly arrived intern Emily Parkes from Ann Arbor Waldorf School, resident twins Maye and Miya and my colleague from Great River School Sam O'Brien with his three children taking a dip in the river after work on Sunday. 

Last night the King of Kings Lutheran Church middle schoolers arrived for Fusion- a few service and devotion days. They're camped out in the farmhouse campground awaiting Farmer Michael who will introduce them to barn chores. The education season has begun and will be in full force for the next two months. 

In the box today you'll find: Kale, chard, green and purple basil, rosemary, garlic, zucchini, sungold tomatoes, regular-size tomatoes (the yellows are Djema Lea's Golden girl developed at U of M in the 1960's) string beans, and potatoes. Full shares also include cucumbers, eggplant, and okra! When Farmer Carter and I spend a year in Belize with our children, we grew okra. My favorite way to prepare it was chopped, dipped in an egg wash, breaded with seasoned cornmeal or breadcrumbs and sautéed to perfection! Everyone on the Smith Family Farm in San Ignacio grew to love it and I hope you will, too. 

Flower Shares are also being delivered TODAY-TUESDAY. How are they looking once you pick them up? 

Molly is away, so no poem today.