Week 5: July 18

Greetings on a sweltering afternoon from the farm. In the cool morning, our garden team of four harvested the following for your boxes:

  • basil
  • ruffled kale
  • collards
  • kohlrabi
  • cabbage
  • carrots
  • young leeks
  • zucchini
  • cucumbers

Full share folks will also see (taste!) peppers

We'll be focusing on weeding this week as the forces of growth catapault everything green into high gear indiscriminately. Working to tame the weeds is a constant when you're gardening organically. There are no quick or foolproof solutions. We work with our hands and hand tools to liberate the plants from weeds that can rob them of the light and soil nutrients they require for optimal growth.

What a pleasure to share the garden with participants in the Art of Curiosity Romp & Retreat with Uncle Bear Klein. The Folk School hosted this residential weekend retreat that featured foods sourced from the garden and a curiosity practice that included gathering raw produce and cooking a meal together on Sunday. See more about from this engaging facilitator whom we are planning to welcome back periodically for more workshops. Visit Uncle Bear's Rodeo on You Tube for some inspiration.

130 people came through to visit the farm on the Co-op Farm Tour on Saturday! We welcome you all to make arrangements to come visit the garden (and pick a few weeds), animals and hiking trails replete with waterfall and spring!

Thank you for being with us for this year's CSA season. It's because of you that we do what we love tending the garden and stewarding this incredibly rich and generous piece of land.

July 4, 2017 Week Three

Good morning from the farm. We are pleased to be able to deliver to those of you who are home for this long holiday week. Lily is on her way now. In the box:

  • Salad mix containing green & red leaf lettuce
  • Baby Red Russian kale
  • Collard greens
  • Head lettuce
  • snow peas
  • Kohlrabi
  • Flat leaf parsley
  • Strawberries

And in full shares,

  • cabbage
  • sweet peppers

We've been doing a lot of hosting at the farm this week- a 40th birthday celebration, Voyageur Outward Bound, a wildcrafter, a pair of artists, a mother of one of our interns who is a professor, and now a big family reunion. We're told that we can expect a grand fireworks display tonight from them at the retreat house, so look foraward to that! The waterfall just flows and flows refreshing us all.

I wanted to be sure to alert you to our next public retreat offering! It's called The Art of Curiosity and takes place July 14-16. Click on Folk School on the webpage for details. A couple spots remain and scholarships are still available. If you need a reset...come and romp! I plan to attend as I can always use a fine tuning on the critical curiosity front.

Other news of note- tomatoes are trellised, flowers are coming on and strawberry harvest is nearing its end. We won't have basil for another week or so... and cilantro not till fall.

The interns have been singing over your vegetables, herbs and fruit in the fields as they work and I am sure you will be able to taste their joy in your food. Enjoy!

Christina, Carter, Sea, Lily, Medha, & Monty (Walken has been away this week- performing at Electric Forest in Detroit)

Thursday Shares - Week Two

A rainy harvest today! That's okay with us. Saves time on watering and everyone is clean, dry and warm now preparing for dinner. Tomorrow's boxes contain:

  • Salad mix containing red and green leaf lettuce, baby kale and baby mustard greens.
  • Kale
  • head lettuce
  • snow peas
  • scallions
  • garlic scapes
  • strawberries
  • and for full share folks: green or colored bell peppers

Week 2

Today we delivered a simlar box to last week. Look for Salad mix: red leaf lettuce and green leaf lettuce. Kale, head lettuce, scallions, garlic scapes, snow peas and strawberries. The report from the field is that we have been hosting a robust group of deer and bunny rabbits. Our livestock guard dog, Almo, does his best to guard not only the farm animals, but also the fields. Still, with over 5 acres of gardens, he misses the mark at times. We've noticed they like lettuce cores especially. The extremely hot temperatures in May wiped out the baby radishes. It's lovely radish weather now, but we didn't get a new crop planted in time. Kohlrabi is coming along and you should see some of that next week, so start mining for recipes! Our St. John's-Solstice Festival on Sunday shone under clear skies. Walken provided the music and even composed a new song for the occasion. Sea stilted to Walken's strolling violin music, Artist Mary Plaster installed luminaries and soaring puppets for each of the directions/elements, Lily led the fairy walk, Medha set up an herb potting station and Carter led garden tours. Do check out the photos on Facebook. Right now, we're basking in a harmonious summer spell at the farm. We hope that comes through in the boxes we bring you. As always, rinse your veggies and email any questions or requests my way.

Blessings of the Summer from the crew at Buttermilk Falls.

First Regular Season Delivery

Yesterday, our three hardworking and joyful spirited interns converged, in three designs of flannel shirts, at the path to the big multi-acre garden where they lovingly tend your produce. There, they met Carter, Buttermilk CSA's lead farmer (also donning flannel) and their teacher for this summer. Joined by first time volunteer from Osceola, Jonathan K., they plucked snow peas, put together the elements of a salad mix with red and green lettuce, baby kale, arugula and spinach, bok choi, tat soi, and beet greens. Lovely garlic scapes, which can be used in pesto or chopped as a flavorboost in stirfry, are artfully bundled. These sturdy, curly wonders freeze nicely and if all else fails, make a whimsical addition to the kitchen window vase.

For us out here on the farm, it's akin to the first day of school. I welcomed them into the farmhouse for first harvest lunch- Soba or brown rice noodles with Sesame paste, a cucumber and black sesame seed salad followed by Strawberry Coeur de la Creme on crackers as a special treat. We thanked Jonathan for being here and after a rest, Monty (our lifesharing resident of over 20 years at the farm) joined the interns for strawberry picking. Strawberries have been the theme for the past couple weeks here. We are freezing many, eating many and sharing many. I've canned three batches of strawberries with only minimal success, made ice cream (coconut & dairy), smoothies, dacquaris and syrup.

In "House Garden", head lettuce was carefully harvested. Lily reported that deer have been interfering by munching on the cores. Kalebundles in different varieties can be consumed raw or cooked. For last night's salad at the farm, we rolled leaves tightly together and cut them in thin strips with a very sharp knife.

I'll be sharing the contents of the box with you weekly along with bits of information about what's happening at the farm, the people who live here, garden progress and setbacks, recipes and inspiration.

Lily is leaving at 8 this morning to come your way. She'll start in Stillwater and wrap around through the eastern suburbs and St. Paul, ending in the St. Croix Valley. On Thursday, I'll take Minneapolis and points west. The whole route takes about 6 hours, so I expect most all boxes to be delivered by 2 or 3.

All the vegetables have been rinsed, and you will want to give them a thorough wash before use. Please remember to return your box next week (uncollapsed) or better yet, bring a bag or box to your site for pick up and leave the box there.

Please join us if you're able this Sunday, 6/25, from 4-7 to celebrate St. John's - Midsummer- Solstice. We'll be hopping the bonfire to seal intentions for the harvest season, heading into the woods/waterfall in search of signs of the fairies, crafting, singing, playing and enjoying food in community. Bring something to add to the meal and your own plates, cups, utensils. We'll have strawberry lemonade, salad and bread to share.

It is our pleasure to be YOUR farm, Cristina, Carter, Monty, Walken, Lily, Medha & Sea

Last Regular Season Delivery- Week 18

Well, this is it! To you, we extend our heartfelt thanks. For being a CSA member first of all, and most notably, for choosing Buttermilk as yours this year. We hope our boxes have nourished you and your loved ones, and that you feel good about the investment you made in the earth, yourself and our non-profit. Please follow us on Instagram @phillyfarmwisc and on Facebook under Buttermilk Falls CSA & Folk School Retreat and Philadelphia Community Farm.

If you took one vacation week, you'll receive a box next WEDNESDAY. If you took two weeks off, you'll get boxes for the next TWO WEDNESDAYS.

In the box this week: Salad mix of arugula, baby lettuce, tat soi and spinach, cilantro, banana pepper (Sweet), turnips, beets, daikon radishes, bok choi. Half Shares will see delicata and acorn squash and full shares contain butternut, fancy pumpkins (Fancy doesn't mean beautiful!) and a sweet green bell pepper.

See notes in your box for more information on renewing early to have a share box donated in your name and ways to stay connected and be supportive of the non-profit we run serving children, the elderly and people of all abilities.

THANK YOU, ALL. Christina, Carter, Mariah, Michael, Monty, Maegen & Emily

Week 17~

What a week! We have had a bit of frost out here even though the temperatures didn't get down to freezing. Between that and our kind feeding of the deer, we're bringing you a few things that needed rescue. Most notably, tiny lettuce heads.

Other produce in your boxes today: Cilantro- a great & fragrant harvest Chinese cabbage Chard Carrots Beets Turnips Daikon radish Butternut squash Sweet pepper (green bell and/or banana)

Full shares also contain dill and acorn squash.

At the farmhouse, we made pickled beet and radish matchsticks that will be welcome accompaniments to tacos and other main dishes, some carrot/cilantro fritters, and sesame-chard scrambled eggs with a ginger-garlic soy sauce. We hope your kitchen adventures yield nourishment and joy!

Thursday shares

Please look to the Tuesday blog for updates. Your boxes tomorrow contain: baby lettuce and greens mix that includes tatsoi, mustards and baby kale. Use either in a salad, or cooked. Lettuce greens are still a bit gritty from the morning rains. Cilantro, dill, carrots, beets, daikon radish, summer squash, sweet peppers and pumpkins. Full share members also received string beans and delicata winter squash.

Thursday shares: week 15

As a reminder, there are 18 weeks in the regular season. If you put your share on a vacation hold for either one or two weeks, you'll receive deliveries after the regular season ends.

Please note our upcoming Michaelmas celebration on Sunday from 4-7 at the farm. Details in the previous post.

Farmers have begun to move to other necessary tasks such as fencing as the weed growth has slowed considerably. Washing squash can be a chilly task! But we take coffee breaks and breathe a bit more freely than we could in the throes of August.

Today, look for a salad mix of lettuce leaf, tatsoi, frilled mustard, red mustard and arugula, Italian parsley, string beans, radishes, carrots, turnips, tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash and butternut squash. Full shares also contain cilantro.

Tuesday, September 27 Week 15

Mothers- Here's a respite opportunity being created just for you at the farm in December by Northfield Parenting Coach Mary Upham. Please join us if it sounds replenishing to you.


NEXT WEEKEND on Sunday from 4-7 is our Michaelmas Festival. Join us for stories, crafting, apple pressing, animal visiting, waterfall walks and a big pot of community vegetable soup cooked over an open fire in the giant cast iron cauldron. Please bring a savory or sweet apple dish to share and your own wares for eating.

Maple Share members- look for your next installment tomorrow!
In all boxes:

Salad mix of lettuce, tatsoi, frilled mustard, red mustard and arugula
String beans
Butternut squash

Full shares also contain summer squash

Week 14 Tuesday Notes

Sorry for the late list, but I bet you could identify everything in your box this week! All boxes contain: A salad mix of leaf lettuce, tatsoi, bokchoi, arugula and frilly mustard, cilantro, radishes, string beans, cucumbers, carrots, summer squash, tomatoes and acorn squash. Full shares also contain: Delicata winter squash and beets

Our Michaelmas/Fall Festival will be at the farm on Sunday, Oct. 2 from 4-7 p.m. All are welcome as we tell stories of courage, share an iron cauldron of vegetable soup cooked on the open fire, some games, gardening, crafting and possibly music (if you will play... let me know). Please bring an apple dish (sweet or savory) to share.

Week 13 Thursday

Yes, your flower share #3 comes today as well. This was a special membership option and we'd love to hear your thoughts on it after the final delivery next month.

I can't believe how much we've accomplished with the Great River students here. Everything from building wood cribs to harvesting tomatoes and cleaning out the root cellar. They've been uber industrious: harvesting pumpkins, building picnic tables, signage and wood utensil boxes for their school, knitting, photographing and fishing, sharing talents, cooking food... all in good spirit.

In your box today, with their help:

Greens mix of baby kale, tatsoi and arugula for salads, soups and braising
String beans
Paste tomatoes
Round tomatoes
and, acorn squash (yum)
Full shares also contain delicata winter squash

Week 13 Tuesday

FLOWER SHARE #3 WILL BE DELIVERED TOMORROW! We hope you enjoy the deep autumn colors as much as we have. Farmer Carter lovingly plants, procures and arranges each bouquet himself.

This may well be the busiest week of the year at the farm. Yesterday, we were a stop on the Rad Bike Tour. About 75 riders came and delighted in a locally sourced meal prepared by Kat, the awesome new chef at Farm Table (Restaurant) in Amery. We had lemon balm kombucha and a zesty Wiscoslaw from Buttermilk ingredients, beef stew, fresh rye bread, beet spread with veggies and fruit. The tour culminated in a sweet (literally, with pie from neighbors Foxtail Farm) brewery visit to Oliphant Brewing Company in Somerset.
Today, 100 ninth and tenth graders from Great River School in St. Paul arrived. This Montessori charter school has chosen PCF as their new farm destination, a partnership we've been cultivating and planning for for years now. THe students helped prepare your boxes for this week, began work on building a wood shed, cleared trails, lined paths, hiked the land taking pictures and learning the plants' names. They'll be here until Thursday doing more creative expression, stewardship and microeconomy work. Thanks to BF founding co-worker, Lindsey Ruder, for coming back to support this big event! We are grateful. And tired.

We ate the first winter squash of the season at dinner tonight. Thanks to intern, Maegen L. for the prep. In your boxes, look for:

String beans
paste tomatoes
round tomatoes
acorn squash - this can be cured for a sweeter taste by keeping it cool and dark or, cook now. They're ripe, but uncured.

Full shares also contain: Summer squash, delicata winter squash and a watermelon or canteloupe.

Our capital campaign, What the World Needs Now launches this week. We can't wait to share more about it with you in pictures, stories and our dreams for our farm.

Thursday shares for Week 12

In all boxes: Lemon balm, kale and collard greens, string beans, cucumbers, large round tomatoes, paste tomatoes, delicata winter squash.
Full Shares also contain: okra, summer squash and an acorn squash

We're in the process of taking stock of how things are going in the garden and what you can expect. We will be sending out a big communication on this topic soon. In the meantime, we're preparing for 100 9th and 10th graders from Great River School who arrive for four days on Monday! Hooray!

Week 12: Tuesday, Sept. 6

Greetings from the farm. With our ancient cultivator up and running, the garden is looking far more attractive than it has! A nip in the air has offered that little boost of energy we needed to get going on a couple big projects as well. White Barn is cleaned out and raked and work has begun on our beautiful red century barn as well.

Please mark your calendars for the Fall Michaelmas Festival where we will press apples, cook a big stone soup in the iron cauldron, and share in an inspiring story of the season. It's from 4-7 on Sunday, October 2 and all are welcome. Please bring an apple dish to share and/ or apples to press. We'll make the soup and have plenty of bread to go along with it. If anyone is inspired to share some musical talent, email Christina (farm@buttermilkcsa.com)

All shares contain:
Basil, kale OR collard greens, chard, summer squash, cucumbers, sun gold tomatoes, paste tomatoes, large round tomatoes. And in the full shares, you'll have a melon and eggplant.