Week 17~

What a week! We have had a bit of frost out here even though the temperatures didn't get down to freezing. Between that and our kind feeding of the deer, we're bringing you a few things that needed rescue. Most notably, tiny lettuce heads.

Other produce in your boxes today: Cilantro- a great & fragrant harvest Chinese cabbage Chard Carrots Beets Turnips Daikon radish Butternut squash Sweet pepper (green bell and/or banana)

Full shares also contain dill and acorn squash.

At the farmhouse, we made pickled beet and radish matchsticks that will be welcome accompaniments to tacos and other main dishes, some carrot/cilantro fritters, and sesame-chard scrambled eggs with a ginger-garlic soy sauce. We hope your kitchen adventures yield nourishment and joy!