Last Regular Season Delivery- Week 18

Well, this is it! To you, we extend our heartfelt thanks. For being a CSA member first of all, and most notably, for choosing Buttermilk as yours this year. We hope our boxes have nourished you and your loved ones, and that you feel good about the investment you made in the earth, yourself and our non-profit. Please follow us on Instagram @phillyfarmwisc and on Facebook under Buttermilk Falls CSA & Folk School Retreat and Philadelphia Community Farm.

If you took one vacation week, you'll receive a box next WEDNESDAY. If you took two weeks off, you'll get boxes for the next TWO WEDNESDAYS.

In the box this week: Salad mix of arugula, baby lettuce, tat soi and spinach, cilantro, banana pepper (Sweet), turnips, beets, daikon radishes, bok choi. Half Shares will see delicata and acorn squash and full shares contain butternut, fancy pumpkins (Fancy doesn't mean beautiful!) and a sweet green bell pepper.

See notes in your box for more information on renewing early to have a share box donated in your name and ways to stay connected and be supportive of the non-profit we run serving children, the elderly and people of all abilities.

THANK YOU, ALL. Christina, Carter, Mariah, Michael, Monty, Maegen & Emily