Week One of Your 2016 Regular Season CSA Share

It is our distinct honor to welcome you to the 2016 Regular Season CSA cycle. As you know, this farm was one of the first CSA's in the region- and we're in our 27th year of growing food for members. The CSA model we espouse allows for shared risk. As members, you entrust us to grow fresh, wholesome and safe food for you. As farmers, we count on you to provide capital for the costs of growing. The mutuality of a csa is evident in all its aspects. The farm organism reacts and responds to so many things; the weather, the people and animals who inhabit it, absorbing what we put in it with grace and a certain knowing that is beyond human scale. The land at Philadelphia Community Farm where Buttermilk Falls CSA operates has been generous beyond compare. After some mystifying produce gaps last year, Farmer Carter has  rotated the crops and is allowing time for some to rest and restore while tapping others for fresh yield. 

You'll note that the quantities of produce in your share fluctuate. For instance, this week, we wanted to include arugula because it's just ripe/right for consuming, but we don't have enough to provide bagfuls for everyone. So, savor the rare and sparse produce as much as you do the plentiful yield items and know that as the season chugs along, your box will be overflowing at times and contain just enough at other times. 

You can find information about the vegetables in your share including pictures, history, and recipes on our website. Feel free to share what you know or notice on the Buttermilk Falls CSA & Folk School Retreat Facebook page. 

This week, look for: Arugula, Strawberries, scallions, garlic scapes, head lettuce, snow peas, oregano, and salad mix (Baby lettuce, kale, collard greens & beet greens)

Your farm crew this year is led by Farmer Carter Beck with assistance from Mariah Klingeman, full time coworker who splits her time between house and garden, and interns Stephanie, Matt and Jeremy. Michael Millett heads up the barnyard and facilities and will typically be your Tuesday driver. I am the executive director of the non-profit, drive on Thursdays and hold down the farmhouse half time as well. 


  • For those of you who signed up for flower and/or maple shares, we'll provide information on timing for deliveries on those out to you soon. 
  • Leave your box out each week for the driver to pick up
  • Take care NOT to take a box with a name label (unless it's yours, of course)
  • Communicate with your site host if you cannot pick up your box
  • Use your substitution list and vacation weeks as needed