July 12 & 14

Dear Members, This communication should have reached you via email on Sunday morning. We are so grateful for the unanimous outpouring of supportive notes and comments we've received. Thank you. 

Posted last weekend on FB:

Members: an important email communication direct from Farmer Carter is forthcoming, but we wanted to get this notice out asap for your planning purposes. Serious gopher attacks on the garden, among other things, lead us to conclude that it is prudent to take a bye week. This will extend your season by one week into the fall. Sweet bean tendrils are growing, tender beets are burgeoning, cucumber vines are yielding fruit, but we want your boxes to be abundant. Apologies for any inconvenience - maybe this will be a good week to visit your local farmers' market in earnest. This change will NOT AFFECT your vacation week credits. So if you have two vacation weeks, you'll get three extra boxes after the regular season ends.

Greetings everyone,

I have decided to skip this weeks CSA share delivery to allow the garden to do a little catching up. New things like string beans, cucumbers and zucchini all look great and are coming along fine except they need more time to fill out and I haven't planted enough other things to carry us through this week. We will of course extend the season by a week so you will still receive all of your shares. I apologize sincerely for this rather ungraceful interruption in your vegetables and I look forward to hearing your comments.

Your farmer, Carter.

I can attest to the fact that Carter is working around the clock to support YOUR garden and our crew this year is highly competent. THIS is what CSA is all about and we are grateful for a model that allows for flexibility and trust. 

Thank you so much for your faith,

The Co-worker Circle