Week Seven

In the boxes this week: Potatoes, garlic, cucumbers, zucchini, green beans, kale, rainbow chard, basil & in the full shares, eggplant! 

My favorite part of having a vegetable garden is the names of the varieties. Here are the four eggplant varieties we planted this year: Snowy, Black Beauty, Listed diGardia, Rosa Bianca. 

We have some compelling workshops coming up at the farm's folk school. Visit Buttermilk Falls Folk School & Retreat Center on Facebook for more information. I want to mention two today- Mary Upham's Mama's weekend September 9-11 and Tal Simchoni's biodynamic intro course at the end of September. Being here overnight allows you to bask in the starlight and replenish, connecting with the land in a way that just won't happen through the box alone. Do consider it!

Finally, we've set the date and time for our Fall Equinox-MIchaelmas Festival. October 2 from 4-7 p.m. This celebration of courage as depicted in the legend of Saint Michael and the Dragon is one at which we brew a cauldron of soup over an open fire, press apples, and tell stories to inspire honor. More to come, but please mark your calendars and plan to join us at the farm for the evening. 

feminist-o by Molly VanAvery

come laborers, mothers, ladies and others

come to the bright field

near the peeling white barn


bring the growling motor

the sharpened blade

your biceps, yes

we will need all this


the growth is no match 

for destruction

or, rather, never fear

the end

crank the brave core

channel the great task

of man


cut the ridiculous weeds down


don’t bother to pull

what is stubborn and rooted

whack the weeds with the thrill

of engines 


these days on the tv

man yells

woman solves


meanwhile in the field

one woman

bends her bossom towards ground

looks for the round sun gold

plucks a warm one

machinates salivates

prepares the waiting mouth