Week 9

We're enjoying a burgeoning of local restaurants featuring local foods. One such gem is Farm Table in Amery, WI. Chef Katrina will be with us to coordinate the taste-size offerings on this year's Rad Bike Tour. RadTour's vision is to produce intimate, community-oriented bicycle events across the country and contribute momentum to the bicycle and local food movements. These bicycle tours feature local farms, foods and the chefs that utilize these ingredients. Riders savor tastings prepared fresh by local chefs and enjoy handcrafted beverages while roaming farms and environmental designations in the company of friends. Ride on. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/radtour-wisconsin-somerset-registration-26353520088

The heat and rain are giving us plenty to content with out here. We are so fortunate to be on the St. Croix River with our own natural spring and 40 foot waterfall! Here's a picture of one of our Sunday volunteers with her daughter, Ruby, newly arrived intern Emily Parkes from Ann Arbor Waldorf School, resident twins Maye and Miya and my colleague from Great River School Sam O'Brien with his three children taking a dip in the river after work on Sunday. 

Last night the King of Kings Lutheran Church middle schoolers arrived for Fusion- a few service and devotion days. They're camped out in the farmhouse campground awaiting Farmer Michael who will introduce them to barn chores. The education season has begun and will be in full force for the next two months. 

In the box today you'll find: Kale, chard, green and purple basil, rosemary, garlic, zucchini, sungold tomatoes, regular-size tomatoes (the yellows are Djema Lea's Golden girl developed at U of M in the 1960's) string beans, and potatoes. Full shares also include cucumbers, eggplant, and okra! When Farmer Carter and I spend a year in Belize with our children, we grew okra. My favorite way to prepare it was chopped, dipped in an egg wash, breaded with seasoned cornmeal or breadcrumbs and sautéed to perfection! Everyone on the Smith Family Farm in San Ignacio grew to love it and I hope you will, too. 

Flower Shares are also being delivered TODAY-TUESDAY. How are they looking once you pick them up? 

Molly is away, so no poem today.