Thursday: Week 9

All shares will get some kind of summer squash today: Either yellow crooknecks, patty pan (flying saucers!) or yellow zucchini. Full shares contain green peppers and cucumbers and not eggplant and okra. 

Thought you should all also know that late blight has been reported in Polk County. Here's a bit more information for those who are interested.  Last year, we were fortunate enough to escape the blight and had a lot of great tomatoes. Fingers crossed for a repeat show of luck. Of course we will ONLY treat with organic and/or biodynamic methods and never employ conventional/chemical methods. 

August 18, 2016

For immediate release

Confirmed Late Blight in Tomatoes

Hello St. Croix county growers and producers on Monday 15 Aug. 2016 we had our first confirmed case of late blight in Polk County. It was determined that the strain/genotype was US 23. This strain is aggressive in tomato and potato crops. It has been the predominant strain in the U.S. in recent years. A second case was confirmed in Dane County 18 Aug. 2016. 

As you all know late blight can spread quickly. The spores may be in your area. Plants should be inspected at least weekly. Crops can be controlled with mefenoxam/metalaxyl for conventional producers. For organic producers copper based is the best choice.  Any plants that exhibit signs of late blight should have a sample taken and submitted promptly to the diagnostic lab If late blight is confirmed the plants should be destroyed immediately. 


Frequently asked questions and organic control of late blight info:

If you have questions or concerns call our office at (715) 531-1947. Email: