Upcoming Retreats

“Feed Your Soul, Mama” Retreat

Friday, Sept 9, 5pm - Sunday, Sept 11, 12pm

What are you hungry for?

Mamas, you provide so much for others, and you also have needs of your own.
When you ask yourself: What does my soul truly crave
and take the time to listen, what is the answer?
If you feel there must be more to life than laundry, snacks, and hurried hugs, you are not alone. 

We each desire to meet our higher needs - the things that nourish our hearts - once our basic needs are met. Some of these are:

Community Beauty Joy Understanding Belonging Contribution Self-esteem True identity Self-fulfillment Creativity Friendship Knowledge Authenticity Love Growth

Join us for a weekend of heart-shifting, nourishment and connection at Buttermilk Falls Folk School at Philadelphia Community Farm.

We'll incorporate many things to bring clarity and meet those deeper needs, including:

  • rich discussions

  • creative experiences – writing, collage, and more

  • nourishing time in nature

  • ritual, visualization, and grounding

  • new ways of seeing and awareness

    The weekend is led by Parent and Life Coach Mary Upham. Mary is the mama to three daughters, ages 12, 15, and 22. In the early years of full-time parenting and home schooling, Mary experienced a lack of fulfillment. Thus began a quest to answer, “What am I hungry for?". Her journey led her to a new understanding of contentedness and calm – as well as huge joy in parenting. She shares her re-awakening to assist women in finding the richness that an authentic life beyond to-do lists provides.

    Dates: September 9-11, 2016
    Fee: $350, includes meals and lodging at Buttermilk Folk School and Retreat Center. Find more information at www.maryupham.com/events
    Register by September 1 by emailing