Week 13 Tuesday

FLOWER SHARE #3 WILL BE DELIVERED TOMORROW! We hope you enjoy the deep autumn colors as much as we have. Farmer Carter lovingly plants, procures and arranges each bouquet himself.

This may well be the busiest week of the year at the farm. Yesterday, we were a stop on the Rad Bike Tour. About 75 riders came and delighted in a locally sourced meal prepared by Kat, the awesome new chef at Farm Table (Restaurant) in Amery. We had lemon balm kombucha and a zesty Wiscoslaw from Buttermilk ingredients, beef stew, fresh rye bread, beet spread with veggies and fruit. The tour culminated in a sweet (literally, with pie from neighbors Foxtail Farm) brewery visit to Oliphant Brewing Company in Somerset.
Today, 100 ninth and tenth graders from Great River School in St. Paul arrived. This Montessori charter school has chosen PCF as their new farm destination, a partnership we've been cultivating and planning for for years now. THe students helped prepare your boxes for this week, began work on building a wood shed, cleared trails, lined paths, hiked the land taking pictures and learning the plants' names. They'll be here until Thursday doing more creative expression, stewardship and microeconomy work. Thanks to BF founding co-worker, Lindsey Ruder, for coming back to support this big event! We are grateful. And tired.

We ate the first winter squash of the season at dinner tonight. Thanks to intern, Maegen L. for the prep. In your boxes, look for:

String beans
paste tomatoes
round tomatoes
acorn squash - this can be cured for a sweeter taste by keeping it cool and dark or, cook now. They're ripe, but uncured.

Full shares also contain: Summer squash, delicata winter squash and a watermelon or canteloupe.

Our capital campaign, What the World Needs Now launches this week. We can't wait to share more about it with you in pictures, stories and our dreams for our farm.