First Regular Season Delivery

Yesterday, our three hardworking and joyful spirited interns converged, in three designs of flannel shirts, at the path to the big multi-acre garden where they lovingly tend your produce. There, they met Carter, Buttermilk CSA's lead farmer (also donning flannel) and their teacher for this summer. Joined by first time volunteer from Osceola, Jonathan K., they plucked snow peas, put together the elements of a salad mix with red and green lettuce, baby kale, arugula and spinach, bok choi, tat soi, and beet greens. Lovely garlic scapes, which can be used in pesto or chopped as a flavorboost in stirfry, are artfully bundled. These sturdy, curly wonders freeze nicely and if all else fails, make a whimsical addition to the kitchen window vase.

For us out here on the farm, it's akin to the first day of school. I welcomed them into the farmhouse for first harvest lunch- Soba or brown rice noodles with Sesame paste, a cucumber and black sesame seed salad followed by Strawberry Coeur de la Creme on crackers as a special treat. We thanked Jonathan for being here and after a rest, Monty (our lifesharing resident of over 20 years at the farm) joined the interns for strawberry picking. Strawberries have been the theme for the past couple weeks here. We are freezing many, eating many and sharing many. I've canned three batches of strawberries with only minimal success, made ice cream (coconut & dairy), smoothies, dacquaris and syrup.

In "House Garden", head lettuce was carefully harvested. Lily reported that deer have been interfering by munching on the cores. Kalebundles in different varieties can be consumed raw or cooked. For last night's salad at the farm, we rolled leaves tightly together and cut them in thin strips with a very sharp knife.

I'll be sharing the contents of the box with you weekly along with bits of information about what's happening at the farm, the people who live here, garden progress and setbacks, recipes and inspiration.

Lily is leaving at 8 this morning to come your way. She'll start in Stillwater and wrap around through the eastern suburbs and St. Paul, ending in the St. Croix Valley. On Thursday, I'll take Minneapolis and points west. The whole route takes about 6 hours, so I expect most all boxes to be delivered by 2 or 3.

All the vegetables have been rinsed, and you will want to give them a thorough wash before use. Please remember to return your box next week (uncollapsed) or better yet, bring a bag or box to your site for pick up and leave the box there.

Please join us if you're able this Sunday, 6/25, from 4-7 to celebrate St. John's - Midsummer- Solstice. We'll be hopping the bonfire to seal intentions for the harvest season, heading into the woods/waterfall in search of signs of the fairies, crafting, singing, playing and enjoying food in community. Bring something to add to the meal and your own plates, cups, utensils. We'll have strawberry lemonade, salad and bread to share.

It is our pleasure to be YOUR farm, Cristina, Carter, Monty, Walken, Lily, Medha & Sea