Week 2

Today we delivered a simlar box to last week. Look for Salad mix: red leaf lettuce and green leaf lettuce. Kale, head lettuce, scallions, garlic scapes, snow peas and strawberries. The report from the field is that we have been hosting a robust group of deer and bunny rabbits. Our livestock guard dog, Almo, does his best to guard not only the farm animals, but also the fields. Still, with over 5 acres of gardens, he misses the mark at times. We've noticed they like lettuce cores especially. The extremely hot temperatures in May wiped out the baby radishes. It's lovely radish weather now, but we didn't get a new crop planted in time. Kohlrabi is coming along and you should see some of that next week, so start mining for recipes! Our St. John's-Solstice Festival on Sunday shone under clear skies. Walken provided the music and even composed a new song for the occasion. Sea stilted to Walken's strolling violin music, Artist Mary Plaster installed luminaries and soaring puppets for each of the directions/elements, Lily led the fairy walk, Medha set up an herb potting station and Carter led garden tours. Do check out the photos on Facebook. Right now, we're basking in a harmonious summer spell at the farm. We hope that comes through in the boxes we bring you. As always, rinse your veggies and email any questions or requests my way.

Blessings of the Summer from the crew at Buttermilk Falls.