Week 9; August 15

Half Share members will see a recovery from last week- when the pickings were a bit slim. All boxes contain

  • basil curly parsley kale broccoli string beans cucumbers zucchini or summer squash Full shares also have patty pan summer squash

Thursday Flower shares will be delivered this week as well.

Last week's mystery herb on TH was fresh oregano! Hope it was put to good use.

5 or 10 lb Ground Beef from our friends at Thistledown Farm are still available. We will deliver with your share. Thanks to those who have already taken advantage of this special offer! Duck and Chicken will be available soon.

Chickens are on a laying break. We are only collecting less than half a dozen each day which are promptly put into use here at the farm.

Welcoming LuSa Organics Mother-Child retreat at Orchard House Folk School today. Can't wait to smell the goodness of their creations wafting over on the breezes.