August 29- Week 11

First, the rough news. The tomatoes have late blight. Last year, we were one of the only farms in the area that didn't have to plow their tomato rows under. This year, we were not so lucky. Last week, we had warning signs that it was a possibility, and by Monday, Carter had given the diagnosis and prognosis for all the large tomatoes. This is always disappointing both for the farmers and interns and for you. It can feel like a lot of time, money and energy wasted. It's discouraging. And, it is the case. So we move on; tending the other crops with special care and admiration. Circumstances like these double our understanding of the utter fragility of nature, our dependency on nature and our connection to what we grow. We are sorry. And, it can't be helped. Luckily, the smaller tomatoes are fine right now. Savor them!

Today's haul: Cherry tomatoes (sun golds, red pearl and Matt's wild cherry varieties) Sweet peppers (yellow banana and Sullivan's frying varieties) Cucumbers zucchini leeks! Carrots Basil and Curly parsley Brocolli or cabbage in half shares this week

September Meat Offering from our friends Jane and Eric Malenfant at Thistledown Farm (with chicken from their neighbor farm) Meat offering for Buttermilk Falls CSA members only: A September Stock up Special from Thistledown Farm and other local farmers. We will deliver with your box next week.

Savory Chuck Roast 2-3 lbs. (great in the crock pot) Top-Round Steak - 1 - 1.5 lbs. (excellent cut for stew or stroganoff) 2 lbs. Lean Ground Beef (think magical meatloaf mixed in with some diced CSA veggies) 3 lbs. tender whole chicken 2-3 lbs. Whole Muscovy duck Package total $85 (Without Duck- $70) Send a message to Christina at to order.

Today we welcome our daughter, Madigan, who will be helping out on the farm for the next two months between moves from Denver to Seattle. She's got a special golden touch to bring to the mix! Her honey is here on an artist residency in music. His band (At.Play) partner will arrive in a week. Ben will be weilding a chainsaw in preparation for the wood burning season. Welcome Madigan and Ben!