Week Two - June 26

Three of our community members/garden helpers have been away this week and we've been utterly fortunate to have the helpful hands of many Great River School students who are coming to spend time on a farm they know and love and help out in the garden. Longtime friend of the farm, garden member and former community resident Debbie & her family also joined us for a week. They held down a joyful and strong base in the farmhouse for all of us.

Please put your boxes out for the driver to pick up each week. My suggestion for site pickup members is to bring bags to transfer your produce into when you pick up.

Temperatures at the farm generally run 4 degrees cooler than in the city, so you'll notice that urban gardens start to produce things before you see them in your Buttermilk share.

Wishing you delightful adventures in the kitchen.

Meat share members should have received a note from Jane Malenfant of Thistledown Farm with information on the bundle you'll receive this week.

Flowers are looking gorgeous! Flower share members will see the first of four bouquets soon.

And, maple shares are coming out this week.

In Tuesday’s box Basil Garlic scapes Leaf lettuce Baby kale Scallions Kohlrabi Strawberries Full shares also be on the look out for radishes and head lettuce.