Week Four July 10

Thank you for being so contientious about returning your boxes (uncollapsed). Flower shares are going out this week to the 17 folks who reserved a flower share. You can add one on if you like what you see. We are also selling at the Osceola Farmer's Market on Friday afternoons.

Zucchini in abundance. We see it everywhere this time of year. Easy to dismiss. Hard to freeze. How much is too much? I'm experimenting with my approach this year. I'm not going to dread the next box of zucchini coming into the farm kitchen. It's so harmless! Rather, I'm asking how I'll integrate zucchini into our meals every day. We've had zucchini chutney, zoodles, fritters, chocolate cake, pizza, among other things. Welcome, Humble Zucchini Squash. You're so simple on the tongue. So unassuming. I will spiralize you, dice or slice you, grate and fry you. Come in. And if you can't be of service here, I shall gift you away or add you to my compost pile. Feed a chicken. Thank you.

Other items in your box: Basil Baby Russian Red Kale (in honor of the World Cup perhaps) Green onions Broccoli Kohlrabi (don't forget to eat those greens) Yellow crookneck squash

and also included in full shares: Snow peas Patty pan squash

At the end of this week we say goodbye to Eric Leeson who will continue his studies at the U of Minnesota with a plan to work a farm of his own one day. He's been extraordinary dedicated and steady and we're going to feel his absence as strongly as we feel his presence now. Thank you, Eric.