Thursday Shares

Greetings! We're three interns down this week, so shares will be a little late. Thanks to Como site host, Tami Limberg, for pitching in as a pinch hit driver today. She's taking the St. Paul sites. I did several hours of deliveries early this morning and Carter himself is on the Minneapolis side route right now.

The cool weather is motivating for the humans, and many of the vegetables love it, too. Carter says the melons need some good heat to ripen up and Mother Nature will deliver that beginning tomorrow!

Today's boxes are different from Tuesday's

Rosemary Kale Red Onions Broccoli Potatoes Tomatoes and cherry tomatoes Yellow crookness and patty pan summer squash Zucchini Full shares get a first taste of okra and some cabbage. The next batch of sweet corn goes out to you all!