Week 13- Sept. 11

Today's box holds:

  • your first pie pumpkin
  • watermelon
  • delicata squash
  • summer squash selection
  • cucumbers
  • tomatoes; mostly Roma paste variety
  • bell peppers
  • onions
  • kale

We were down into the 40's last week in the mornings. Those temps and the warm sun create some good growth and thrill in the garden. We have fall cool weather crops coming on strong.

Education weeks are upon us. The next month, the farm will be occupied with students early childhood through high school. We're so honored to share the life of the farm and all its ecosystems with these youth! Every grade has a different angle/purpose and we will tailor their experiences to meet their developmental needs the best we can. Both Carter and I have backgrounds in education and we'll be joined by former co-worker Lindsey Ruder and outdoor educator Alisa Hoven for added support.

The Star Tribune has a fairly active Facebook page called Out of the Box: Getting the Most Out of Your CSA. Check it out for some good online community resources.

Finally, our Equinox Michaelmas Festival is on Sunday, Sept. 30 from 4-7. Details forthcoming.