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10/12, 11/16, 12/7, 1/18 Gnothi Seuton (Know Thyself): A Biography Class for Women 18-48 with Christina Beck

1-5 p.m. Orchard House

$100 for 4 sessions and supplies

A bibliography of suggested titles will be provided in advance of the first class

We have much to glean from Rudolf Steiner's characterization of the seven year stages of life's unfolding. Biography work enriches our lives in that it provides tools for investigating the self and understanding others. Being aware of the developmental phases of the human being can lead to greater compassion toward others and a meaningful approach to relationships, teaching, or parenting. In each of the four monthly sessions of this workshop, participants will read, converse, chart, share, make art and journal to gain a deeper connection with and understanding of oneself.