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6/28 Fly Fishing with Ross Brecke

9-3 Outside


This is a fly fishing course for people who are interested in fishing for many different species of fish with their fly rod.  Students will learn about some of the unique options available to them close to home and how to go about catching different fish. This is an Intermediate class and students should have some basic knowledge of how to fly fish. I will demonstrate how to tie some of the flies used when chasing Bass, Northern Pike, Carp, Walleye etc. Class size limited to 8 students.


2 hours- Fishing for different species of fish and the flies and techniques that are necessary to do so.

1 hour- Q&A and fly tying instruction


Out to a river (The river will be determined closer to the date as conditions may vary)

3 hours-Casting Techniques and how to cast different types of fly rods and flies (from the heavy flies to the large flies) Hopefully some instruction on fish handling and release techniques that are best for the health of the fish.

Course materials

Students are encouraged to bring their own equipment including fly tying vices and materials and any of their fishing gear. I will not need a material fee as I have all of the fly tying material needed for the flies we will tie.  I will have a couple extra rod set-ups for people to use as well on the river. I am ecstatic to teach all about the alternative side of fly fishing!