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7/26-27 Triangle Weaving -part 1– Judy Goebel

9-5 Orchard House

Triangle weaving is great for handspinners, knitters and crocheters who want to explore weaving without investing in a lot of expensive materials.  It offers the advantage of wasting almost no yarn and not requiring tedious warping before you start to weave.  It is instant weaving gratification!   In this class, you will construct a 40” x 40” x 55” triangle loom using a technique that eliminates  complex carpentry.  You will need to know how to drill holes in wood, install some wood screws and pound small nails.  You will receive  instructions for how to use this sameconstruction technique to build additional looms in other sizes on your own.  You will learn basic techniques for weaving on your loom, how to correct mistakes and principles of designing projects for the triangle loom.  You will have time to weave multiple triangles during the class. 

Materials students will need to bring to the Workshop:     Rotary tool (Dremel or similar) or electric drill that can hold a 3/64” drill bit , small hammer (such as tack hammer) at least 400 yards of worsted weight or heavier yarn  (handspun is fine), a table fork to use for packing yarn as you weave, tapestry needle                                              

Supply fee $35

Lunch $7 per meal

Lodging in shared rooms of retreat house: $10 pp/night

Class fee: $110

Special for all inclusive package: $162- Free lunch on Sunday!