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7/17 Fly Fishing Beginner’s Course with Matt McElrath

9-4pm Outside/Sunporch/Offsite


The fly fishing course is intended for beginners.  However, after the day long course, students will feel comfortable preparing gear, tying knots, casting, reading the water, tying two essential flies and other on-the-water techniques. 

Course layout

Start time

1-1.5 hours – How to tie flies – I’ll teach students how to tie an Elk Hair Caddis Dry Fly and a Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymph.

1-1.5 hours – How to set up fishing gear, tie knots and casting techniques.  We’ll do this on site/land, before going out to the river.

Lunch break

Out to the river

1 hour – How to read the river – Types of water, insect availability, holding places for fish, etc.

1 hour – Casting techniques – How to cast a dry fly, a nymph and a streamer.  How to use weights and an indicator.  How to mend line and maintain tension.

1 hour – Practice – Also, how to set the hook, play a fish and safely release a fish


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