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9/25 Meditation with Kara Vangen

6-8 p.m. Farmhouse Practice Room  $10 Donation

Sowing seeds of mindfulness in community. Learning to meditate is often fraught with difficulty and can challenge even the most committed human being. And yet there is something that calls us to set our butts down to allow direct contact with all of the layers of our self. As we settle something in us may wake up to support our inner journey more directly, and  we yet we often end up grappling with all of our contractions whether they be physical, mental or emotional.  These struggles often interrupt or completely discourage us from actual meditation practice.  One of our first tasks is to find a way to tolerate and understand what gets in our way and develop tools to work with these barriers. Our second task is to find others like us to sit down with us, knowing that this collective energy provides good holding for our soul.

This class will provide meditation instruction, practices to help the body-mind settle and time together just practicing meditation. It is an open group but please RSVP.