We work the land and share the mission of Philadelphia Community Farm, established in 1989 as a CSA farm and non-profit in Osceola Wisconsin. We approach the farm as a whole organism, developing a real relationship with the soil, the plants, the animals, each other, and the earth. 

Our CSA name derives from the early 20th century, when the land we steward was a F.Scott Fitzgerald era health retreat, called "Buttermilk Falls Health Retreat". The limestone cliffs lead one to believe that the water may have mocked buttermilk!

The Farm was one of the first Community Supported Agriculture programs in the midwest, and has hosted community education for over 25 years! We are honored to be carrying on the tradition of biodynamic farming practices, living in community, and providing a site for excellent nature-centered educational programs. 


Buttermilk Falls Health Retreat Pamphlet.jpg