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$590 for a full Share or $360 for a half share

Home delivery to your doorstep! $100 ----------> LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Share Add-Ons:

1) Spring Share $100 - SOLD OUT - This share features early crops that can tolerate cool weather and grow quickly including many greens. Share includes 4 boxes delivered prior to the regular season. Must love greens!

2) Flower Share $60 - Your CSA flower share will be delivered 4 times throughout the regular CSA season (June-Oct) and will be a bouquet of seasonal flowers. Our flower CSA is a great way to enjoy high quality, pesticide free, fresh flowers that are safe to have at your home and worry-free around children and pets - something almost impossible to find these days! 

3) Maple Share $90 - This special addition to your CSA share will include four quart-size deliveries of farm-fresh, open-air boiled maple syrup from our 2018 maple season. That's a gallon of pure dark maple syrup!

4) Meat Shares $45 or $90 per month - Thistledown Farm and KDE Farms are offering Buttermilk Falls CSA members special monthly meat bundles to go along with their CSA shares.

 Members can choose between small (5-6 lbs) $45 or large (10-12 lbs) $90 bundles which include a selection mixed cuts, Ground Beef, Steaks and Roasts of Thistledown’s 100% Grass-Fed, Grass Finished Scottish Highland Beef and Muscovy Ducks, along with pastured chicken bundles from KDE Farm (whole chickens, 8-piece packages, legs and thighs, chicken wings and drumsticks, and soup packages). Both growers ensure meat that is all natural and raise their animals without ever using hormones or antibiotics. Contact Thistledown Farm directly on Facebook with questions about the meat share options. Payment for meat shares goes directly to Thistledown. 

Include your desired Buttermilk Falls CSA add-ons to your member registration form AND to your shopping cart, if using Paypal.


To Pay

  • Mail a check to: Philadelphia Community Farm PO Box 668 Osceola, WI 54020


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Buttermilk Falls CSA Share Pick-up Sites:  

Tuesday: Blooma-St. Paul ~ Como ~Stillwater

Thursday: Northeast ~ Powderhorn ~LongfellowKingfield

If you have an inquiry about a drop site location, or if you are interested in hosting a drop site, let us know!

Drop site hosts get free home delivery, and access to extra veggies throughout the season!