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Dyeing Wool with Local Plants

Nature provides an abundance of colors - learn how to dye with some of them. Inspired by the ancient practice of sourcing natural dyes from flowers, leaves, berries, nuts, bark, roots and lichen, we embark on the slow and rewarding process of natural dyeing. Organic materials gathered respectfully and sustainably from the land, are beautifully absorbed by the wool fiber obtained from our small flock of Baby Doll sheep. This day-long workshop on the farm covers how to prepare the wool, dye baths, and processing samples to take home. Natural dyeing is a slow and rewarding process; learn which plants can be harvested locally, either growing in the wild or cultivated, so you can plan what to grow in your yard or wild harvest next summer. We hope you will take a day for yourself beside the St. Croix River and Buttermilk Falls to immerse yourself in an ancestral art form alongside others.

Please bring: • a notebook and pen • good & thick rubber gloves • a plastic bucket • plastic bags to transport your wet wool • A lunch, something to drink and, your curiosity And wear outdoor clothes/shoes.

Instructor Mette Biering Christiansen is a native Norwegian who lives in Red Wing, MN. She is, among other things, a textile crafter and natural dyer and has been teaching traditional natural dye classes for more than 20 years.