Week 16: October 2

We are feeling grateful for the sandy soil at the farm. All this rain has met with a quite decent drain field and the crops have been generous. We did get down to 32 this week. Prior to the frost, all tender crops were harvested. We are bringing the last of the flower shares to Tuesday folks tomorrow. You'll see greens for the next couple of weeks and then things will get a bit repetitive with hardy squash, potatoes, etc. The good news is, those keep well. Use them when you're ready.

Note the turnip greens in this box. Carter thought they came out quite well and thought to send them now as he doubts the turnips will have enough time to mature. Enjoy the greens lightly sauteed with some garlic, lemon, cayenne and coconut aminos or steamed and tossed with your favorite vinaigrette.

From one of our favorite farms- Soul Fire Farm in NY WASH YOUR VEGGIES: We DO NOT extensively wash veggies before delivering them to you. We will do some washing if there is a lot of dirt on greens and we always rinse root crops. In general, this allows the food to stay fresher longer. It also means you need to wash your veggies before consuming them. For greens: fill a bowl with cold water. Soak greens in water for a minute. Drain water and repeat two more times. Dirt will rinse to the bottom. Bugs should float to the top.

KEEP FOOD FRESH, EASY: Store leafy greens in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge. To revive wilted greens, dunk them in ice water and dry in salad spinner or with gentle toweling. To make it easier to use greens on the go, wash and chop them in advance and store them in a sealed plastic bag. Then you can just grab a handful to add to your eggs, smoothie, soup, or sauté. Quick and easy.

Also in your box: Pumpkin for baking/cooking Red Kuri squash acorn squash Delicata cucumbers summer squash sweet peppers kale arugula and, fresh dill herb

May your body be nourished in this seaonsal transition time!