The Last Regular Week: No. 18

Today from the land of harvesting and planting simultaneously, we bring you:

  • salad mix containing lettuce, arugula, bok choi leaf and frilly mustard leaves
  • Kale
  • Bok Choi
  • Radishes
  • Sweet peppers
  • Acorn, delicata and pumpkin squashes all for eating

We'll be delivering on the next two Tuesdays for anyone who put a vacation hold on their box for either one or two weeks. Please return all boxes to your site or leave them out if you're getting another delivery.

Some specials for you: Beef from our farm: ROASTS OR STEAKS $5/LB. Please email to place an order.

Pre-pay for 2019 CSA membership before December 1.

Register in 2018 to receive a bonus box for you or the food shelf of your choice or a free bouquet of flowers during next year's season. Available shares: Half $360 Full $590 Food justice share 1/2 for you and 1/2 for a local food justice org or individual/family who expresses need. $600

Add on's for share members only: Home delivery $100; 4 flower bouquets $60; Maple share $90 for 4 quarts; Spring share $100 for 4 weeks of early greens, watercress, etc., $100 weekday farmstay in our 22 bed retreat house.

It is for you that we do what we do here. Thank you for supporting this farm this year. There are many people working the land near you and you have choices. Our niches are biodyamics and staying small so we can be responsive and tailor to your wishes. Your input is welcome. It is one way we can continuously improve the csa.

Please stay connected to the farm as you're able. Love and gratitude for you and the land from the 2018 crew, Carter, Christina, Walken, Monty, Mia, Eric, Sea, Mia, Ely, Alice, Lydia, Chloe and all of our service learning visitors