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 The Wastelands is coming back to the Midwest! If you missed us in 2016 at Fruen Mills, and last year at our new home at PCF, never fear. One year later, we bring you The Wastelands once again, but this may be the last time we perform this show here ever! So do yourself a favor and come see The Wastelands at Philadelphia Community Farm on:

Friday, October 5th at 5:30pm | Saturday, October 6th at 5:30pm | Sunday, October 7th 5:30pm
Philadelphia Community Farm | 599 280th Street, Osceola, WI (~1hr from the Twin Cities)

The performance runs 75min with a reception to follow. All performances are FREE and open to the public (though we always pass the hat after the show).

The performance is outdoors, and involves traveling less than 1 mile. Please wear good walking shoes and, if desired, bring a folding chair you can carry.
The performance includes minor use of pine smoke and propane fuel. In consideration of those with chemical sensitivities, we ask that you please come fragrance free.
We proceed rain or shine. Please bring an umbrella for excess rain or sun.
The performance is family friendly but contains dark themes and suggested violence.
In addition, we also ask that you please refrain from smoking during the performance, and to not bring your pets. 

About: The Wastelands is a traveling, surrealist folk opera inspired by Robert and Shana Parkeharrison's The Architecht's Brother and Dante Aligheri's Purgatorio. Guided by a queer, skeletal Virgil, The Wastelands takes audiences on a journey through a netherworld of seven terraces, based on the seven stages of grief. The Wastelands explores how to survive in a world which no longer provides, and ultimately asks the question: how do we find hope in despair? 

The Wastelands was developed at Double Edge Theatre in Ashfield, MA and premiered in June 2016 and toured along the Great Lakes Basin — from Buffalo, NY to Minneapolis, MN — from June to October 2016.

Driving Directions to Philadelphia Community Farm from the Twin Cities:

Take 35W or 35E North past the merge to 97. Turn right at 97 heading east (with a short zig zag on 61) and continue until it ends at MN95. Turn left (North) on 95 to 243. Turn right on 243 (East) over bridge to Osceola. In Osceola, turn right (South) until Ridge Road on the right. Take a right at Ridge Road and continue until it T's at the horse farm. Turn right and look for sign for Philadelphia Community Farm on the outside of the first curve. That's our driveway.

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