The Art of Curiosity: an experiential retreat & romp

Fri, April 6 5pm - Sun, April 8 3:00 PM

Curiosity is a Superpower!

When’s the last time you really played?

How often do you rest in a state of expansive wonder?

How much of your time is devoted to Survival needs and not to the needs that can help you Thrive?

Curiosity has the power to shift your Life and expand your capacity in almost any area! Curiosity can help you THRIVE!!!

Together, we will build our capacities for curiosity by experimenting and discovering new ways of self-nourishment and play. We will explore the beauty of nature and let our curiosity blossom and guide us into a more depthful Connection with ourselves, others and something bigger.

We will co-create new possibilities for being our authentic selves. To be alive is a miracle! Lovely Beings, join in for a weekend of play, rejuvenation and skill building at magical Buttermilk Falls Folk School at Philadelphia Community Farm in Osceola, WI.

Some of the many ways we will explore, Curiosity, Connection and Courage include:

  •     nourishing time in nature surrounding Buttermilk Falls 
  •     multi sensorial experiences – writing, art, movement, song 
  •     oxytocin romps!
  •     the neuroscience of Curiosity, how to use our brains as allies
  •     engaging in mindfulness practices
  •     harnessing the power of Curiosity through play

The retreat is led by Uncle Bear Klein, a Life Transformation Trainer and Champion of Love with 20 years of experience leading workshops in Chicago and across the country. Uncle Bear seeks to facilitate and witness transformation and unite the head with the heart while at the same time savoring the honey of Life!

By offering lots of techniques, ideas and playfulness, people feel supported in finding their wings as they leap into the next Now.

Through Connection, Curiosity and Courage new ways of being and doing naturally emerge in co-creative environments. Together we shift, heal and realize that we are not alone. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! We do this thing together.

April 6-8 2018
Cost: Register by March 16 $325; After March 16-
$375, includes tuition and 5 meals and lodging at Buttermilk Falls Folk School & Retreat Center